Family Vacation

I turns out that I was lucky enough to find a good deal on a family vacation.  We promised the kids we would go on a vacation this summer but with finances being so tight we thought we might have to renege on our promise.  We are going to spend time in Wisconsin Dells and I think the kids are going to be happy when they find out.   
I know that being out and about for 4 days will be a lot of fun but I also know that it's also going to be hard on my diet.  Since we are driving to the Dells we can pack healthier food options to bring along.  It's a vacation so if someone wants an ice-cream or something they are going to get it but it'll be easier to make better food choices if they are available. 

I've gone shopping for some healthy snacks to bring with for my family and I.  Some of the things I picked up were beef jerky, organic pressed fruit snacks, pop-chips, pretzels, organic oat cookies, pouches of tuna, 1 gallon for Snapple peach tea and green tea.  A day or two before we leave I plan to go shopping to pick up string cheese, some fresh fruit, eggs (that I will hard boil to bring along) and a bag of mixed greens to make a salad on the go, my kids requested mac and cheese (the type you add water and heat, blueberry muffins and milk.  Finally, I want to bring 2 or 3 servings of  a "Fresh Quinoa Tabbouleh" and a "Mediterranean Chickpea Salad", I plan to make the nigh before we leave.

I am going to eat what ever I want for dinner while I'm gone but I want to make sure I can off set my dinner choices with better food choice during the day.  I have been working really hard on cleaning up my deit and I just don't want to see it all go to shit over night.  My diet doesn't have to be perfect, it's a vacation after all but it should be reasonable.

The recepies for the "Fresh Quinoa Tabbouleh" and the "Mediterranean Chickpea Salad" will be posted in a few days.

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