My Confection

This after picture was taken of me in 2012, I weighed about 135ds. 
I went from being 210pds to 135pds with lots of hard work and at the time I truly
believed that once I lost all my extra weight I would be happier.
I went from sedentary to training 5 days a week and from eating junk
to eating clean, I really wanted a better life for my self.
Sadly, after all that work I wasn't happy with my body or my self. 
I felt fat in my after photo, I didn't feel good about my self. 
I now realize it was because my perception of my self was badly squid. 
I am ashamed and embarrassed to say it!
Looking back on it now I feel bad about how I treated and talked to my self,
I feel bad about feeling bad about my self......
Today, I focus much of my attention on the things I like about myself
and all the wonderful things my body has done and can do. 
I no longer feel bad about my body, how much I weight or what other people think. 
Life is to short and I won't waste another minute on what others think I should do
or look like.

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