Sunny Sunday

My week in review: 
On the up side:
-My family and I hit the park a few evenings this week for bike rides, which turned out to be a lot of fun.  We also hit the local pool for some fun in the sun in which I was able to sneak in some laps.  In total I swam 10 lap during two 15 minute swim brakes, go me.  My kids and I really love playing in the pool, their is something about a hot sunny day  and a pool of large icy water that just go together so well.
-On the fitness side I did manage to hit the gym all 5 days this week.  I did add 5pds to my deadlift and weighted squat and I also managed to jog 4 miles.  I was able to do good for a few people this week and it felt good to put smiles on faces.  
-I went shopping this week and bought a new work-out journal that I plan to start this Monday June 2nd.  I love my journals and I keep all of them, I still have my work-out journal from the first time I hit the gym in 2008.  It makes me feel good to look back and see ware I started, what I've done and how far I how come. 
-I also bought a shirt this week from a fitness guru I've been following for some time.  Jen Sinkler is really knowledgeable, she talks a lot about getting strong and fit and not so much on how to fit into the main stream media's idea of what a women should look like.  I have been reading her stuff for almost 3 years now and I really like her approach to fitness.  Her writing style is no frills or fuss, it get you the info you need and makes you smile and sometimes laugh a little.   I also like "Girls Gone Strong", they have a really good set up and some amazing women writing for their site.  If your looking for half naked women preening for the camera you will not find it on either site but is your looking for real life, quality information both sites are really good resources.

On the down side:
-I realized that I haven't been working on my flexibility and body weight training as much as I should have been.   I made some movements on Friday that should not have been hard but they were. It's something that I need to change this coming week, I have to make a point of working it in.
-This week I called the owner of Golden Age gym ware I worked-out for 3 months this year.  I thought it was a nice place, full of good people, honestly it was a different environment then I was used to and the change really did me good.  I called and left 2 messages for Nate Aye(owner) last week that were never returned.  I asked if he would be willing to work with me on the monthly rate since my husband and I are hurting finically right now.  Anyway, he never bothered to called me back and I'm not sure but I think it's a "NO WAY".  So, I'm on my own again. Working out on my own is nothing new considering I have been figuring this fitness thing out on my own for as long as I could remember.  I am not mad or upset and I do truly wish him and his gym the best, trying to keep a small business afloat the days is hard... I just wish he would have called me back, it's common courtesy.  Sometimes things just don't workout and that's life, I can choose to let it get me down or I can choose to make the best of it and keep moving forward. 

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